Jamba Juice Influencer Promotion Flow

Visually show the flow of product distribution for Jamba Juice’s product sampling campaign.

With a goal of distributing their new line of energy drinks to consumers in the NYC metro
area, Jamba Juice wanted a creative way to give away 7,500 samples.


So that the distribution would grow organically, focus was placed on initial distribution and
encouraging people who first received the product to share it with their friends.

The first wireframe above shows the distribution flow process. It details the initial
distribution to nestle employees, facebook login criteria, sending to friends, friend receiving
the product, those friends sending to friends, friend limitations, and the exit strategy. The
second wireframe shows the flow of information the user interacts with online (facebook

About Jamba Energy
Jamba Energy Drink is part of Nestle.
 Manufactured and distributed by Nestlé USA, Inc.
under license from Jamba Juice Company.

Nestle – Jamba Juice

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