Award Winning PPG ColorClix Desktop Application

Rework Olympic’s Colorclix version 1.0 desktop application and launch a new 2.0 version.
After conducting usability testing on Colorclix 1.0 and gaining insights into how users
interacted with the application, an intuitive application was created to bring color inspiration
for home improvement projects directly to desktop.


This downloadable desktop application allows users to open any image on their personal
computer and select colors from an image. Colors selected correspond to the Olympic paint
color database. Users can save colors, export colors to the ColorClix online component,
create projects, and more.

Each wireframe is followed by an image of the final design to show how the initial strategy
and user experience was delivered in the end product. All wireframes were created using
Visio. The wireframes shown here are a partial representation of a 13-page set.

About Olympic and ColorClix
The ColorClix Desktop Application is part of Olympic’s ColorClix offerings.
The desktop
application ties into the mobile application and the online component so users can save
once and see anywhere.

PPG: Olympic Paint

Desktop Application, Information Architecture, Wireframes